It is not good that man is alone… These words coming from God denote with what precedes where He never stopped saying that it was good and very good in speaking of His Creation. This reveals an important aspect for our lives, because in reality man was not alone, God was present. However, there remained a solitude in the heart of man, that of having a vis-à-vis that only another human being could provide. This observation directly follows the order of mission that God gave to man, namely to cultivate and keep the Garden of Eden (cf. Genesis 2:15). Because God never planned idleness for His children, but action and work and it is to accomplish this that man cannot be alone!

Likewise today, God has plans for your life as part of His Mission “to make disciples of all nations” (cf. Matthew 28:19). However you also need to have some help… There is no place for loneliness in the life of a disciple and as He created Eve for Adam, He has someone for you. It is clear here that it is about the relationship of the couple, however He has a project for everyone, including those who are not in a relationship. First of all, when we talk about vis-à-vis, this implies equality. The man is not more important or taller than the woman, nor vice versa; both are equal in their worth, ministry, and gifts. What differs are the functions and responsibilities ...

It is about being a team, a help one for the other, not to satisfy the needs or the expectations of the other, but to accomplish His mission. For Adam and Eve it was a question of cultivating, multiplying and keeping the garden. For us today, it is also a question of multiplication, that of making disciples. God was with them in the garden and the relationship was perfect, we know that through the disobedience of Adam and Eve there was a separation between God and human beings. However in Christ we are reconciled to God and we have this promise that when two are gathered in His Name, He is there and answers all the prayers of these two people in accord (cf. Matthew 18:19)… What an extraordinary promise for you!

This word “chord” in Greek gave the word symphony in French… It is when several different instruments unite by tuning together to play the same score under the direction of a conductor. More than an image, it is what we are called to live, to agree together to “play”, - to accomplish, the score - His projects, under the direction of the Holy Spirit. So, if you are married, your spouse is your first partner, this vis-à-vis, this help given by God. God has put you together for His mission, even if the other does not yet know Him… To teach you to tune in together, to position yourself together and to pray together. Because when you do, nothing can stop you!

If you are not in a relationship, no problem… God wants to give you someone with whom you can live a true heart to heart, a relationship of mutual accountability to encourage you to accomplish His mission. Just take time before God, ask Him who this person is, and just begin to develop a relationship of prayer and sharing together. I can only recommend in this case to choose a person of the same sex as you for simple protection. Being in agreement with your partner is a choice (cf. Amos 3: 3), so it's up to you!

God has blessed you richly so that you bless abundantly ...


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