When we talk about dependence, it is generally something negative that we try to avoid… We value the fact of being independent, of not having to depend on someone or something. Being independent is also often considered a success and a proof of maturity ... Here Jesus will say exactly the opposite, the maturity of a disciple is to recognize and live in absolute dependence on the Father. Jesus will affirm it again in John 15: 5 when He says that without Him we can do nothing. So the more we grow in Christ, the more we learn to depend on Him ...

The will to independence is what caused Adam and Eve to disobey, to be like gods (cf. Genesis 3: 5). Which means no longer having to depend on Him to try to become His equal… An illusion that we find in our own humanity which is self-centered and in which we are individualists seeking our own success by doing things alone. Recognizing the source of independence is the first step to parting from it and coming back to God. God calls us to collaborate with Him, which requires an intimacy and a choice, that of depending on Him 100%.

Jesus' statement is strong when He says He cannot do anything on His own. In reality, He could do things which in reality would be the fruit of His will. The truth that He can do nothing of the will of God, of His prepared works (cf. Ephesians 2:10) without depending on the Father. It is a choice, that of doing what we want, let's think about where to fully accomplish His will and what He has planned ... Let us remember that everything that is not His will is sin, even good things. and moreover it will not last… Our lives are called to build with Him things which have an impact on eternity. So it's up to us to choose what we want to experience!

Choosing to depend on God is not a declaration of weakness but a proof of humility… This is why we were created, to live in this relationship of intimacy with God to collaborate together so that His reign comes. This is where success is, because success is nothing more than doing what we were created to do. Jesus saw the Father doing, His eyes remained fixed on Him and prayer was not an activity but a way of living ... In the same way we are invited to live in His presence, to constantly dialogue with Him while being attentive (ve ) to what He says and does. Because God wants to reveal himself to us and show us His will.

Depending on God is not natural, it is a decision on which we need to regularly realign our life… Where in your life today do you not depend on God? What do you need to realign to depend on Him? Living in dependency is not only the guarantee of success, it is also to be fulfilled and in peace… It is for you, so live it!

God has blessed you richly so that you bless abundantly ...


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