This is literally what “triumph” means here. It is about filling the atmosphere with cries of triumph. Usually this is what we do when we are happy, when we have good news, a victory or great joy. However, here it is a matter of uttering cries of triumph when everything is opposed to it. Because with God victory is not a question of circumstances, it depends on who God is for you and what He says. As His disciple you are called to fill the air with cries of triumph!


It is not a question of despising or denying reality on the contrary. Here the prophet recognizes sterility, he even does so insistently when he says “sterile”, “you who did not give birth” and “you who did not experience pain”. So, in the same way, face what seems impossible and dead, do not be afraid to consider these things. However, do not accept it, recognize that it is a lie and take ownership of His promises.


Here the promise is that the sons of the forsaken will be more numerous than the sons of those who are married says the Lord. These last words are fundamental, because the truth is always what God says. And he will accentuate this promise a few verses later by saying “all your children will be disciples of the Lord” (cf. Isa 54:13). There is your reality, but the question is what is God saying? What is the loudest speaking voice in your life? Its promise or your reality?


To fill the air with cries of triumph is to position oneself. It is about appropriating His promises as the truth by aligning our life with them and declaring them. It's important to be vocal, to say things, to fill the air. First of all because the devil and all the power of the enemy don't know what you are thinking, so they need to hear the truth. To say things with a creative power, this is how God created everything (cf. Genesis 1). When we say things we release His Creative power. And ultimately to change the atmosphere, the devil is the prince of the power of the air (cf. Ephesians 2: 2). When you triumph you fill the atmosphere with faith and Truth which suffocates this prince of darkness.


Now it's up to you to position yourself, consider your circumstances, your trials, what seems dead or impossible to you. Do you see these things? Now turn to yourself to God, take time for the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart - He desires to do it - to reveal His promises to you… When you know His promises, position yourself in faith, declare them and fulfill the air. It is not that for you, it is spoken of son here and in the same way by your position and your cries, you release the atmosphere for those who surround you ...

God has blessed you richly so that you bless abundantly ...


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