If we are not vigilant it is very easy to get into a routine life where we are comfortable with our lifestyle and habits. If we are not careful, our thinking becomes secular. We must remember that Christ reigns and works miracles. As followers of Christ, there is no room for the status quo as we are called to a life of adventure. The one where we do the works of Christ, greater than those He did when He lived on this earth (cf. John 14:12). A life of radical faith for His kingdom to come and His will to be fulfilled. Confronting the status quo is choosing to expand the space of our tent.

It is not God who does it, it is up to us to take a stand by recognizing the richness that attaches to His call and the measure of His promises for our lives. Our lives are not yet the measure of His will for us, He has so much more for each of our lives. Enlargement is an action which is our responsibility. The English Bible “The Message” says at the beginning of this verse: “Make your tent wide, make it bigger, think big”. Which reminds us that the first confrontation with the status quo must happen in our inner being. We must think big, dream in God's measure (cf. Ephesians 3:20). To have ambitions that are what Christ has for us, that abundant life that is in store for us. It is to confront this secular thought which is centered on oneself and our own needs to make His Kingdom our priority and heaven our reference.

Confronting the status quo is knowing how to show violence (cf. Matthew 11:12), against ourselves, laziness, desires contrary to His will, our flesh. But also against the spiritual atmosphere which wants to limit and restrict us. Against everything that tries to make us believe that it is impossible, etc. Faith is violent because it confronts unbelief and limits. Where in your life do you need to use violence, to restate to spare certain thoughts or habits in order to rise up in the faith and enlarge the space of your tent.

Confronting the status quo is not a simple action or stance, it is a way of life. A life rooted in Christ, led by the Holy Spirit that does not allow comfort to set in. A real race out of our comfort zone and dependence on Christ. For this we need to strengthen our stakes. These determine the strength of the tent and they depend on the terrain in which they are pitched. For us, it is about remaining rooted in the presence of Christ, in a solid relationship with Him where He leads and directs us.

For terminer, the tent implies a dimension of habitation and also of mobility. And if you take the time (which I encourage you to do) to read the context of this verse, you will find that this expansion is related to having sons and daughters, to making disciples. To create a space for others to meet Christ and become disciples. Confronting the status quo means going out to meet others and opening our lives to welcome and love those around us. It is about giving oneself to become the people Christ intended them to become. What should you do today to expand the space of your tent? Take action!

God has blessed you richly so that you bless abundantly ...


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