The Bible contains many promises, for God desires to fill us and bless us beyond measure. However, our reality is sometimes that we know the promises of God without however being the reality in our daily life. These promises concern all areas of our lives, I invite you to take the time to read Deuteronomy 28: 1-14 to get a good overview of God's promises. It is sometimes tempting to believe that ultimately these promises are not for us, or that God has forgotten… God has not forgotten His promise for your life and your family, He is not a man to lie, all that 'He says, He does (cf. Numbers 23:19). So wait on Him.

Here Isaiah is very clear, what God says is always accomplished successfully, which means without compromise, not halfway, but perfectly and beyond what we can think or imagine (cf. Ephesians 3:20) . Many of God's promises in His Word are conditional, such as those of Deuteronomy 28, on our obedience - putting into practice - the Word of God. The first thing is therefore to believe that God always fulfills His promises, to separate us from any kind of doubt as well as the temptation to compromise or take shortcuts to live things.

This includes wanting to do things on our own, or wanting to try to give God a helping hand, which Abram did on his wife's advice (cf. Genesis 16: 2). God doesn't need help, what He expects of us is to hold on in the faith. That faith that knows that the Word of God always successfully accomplishes what It was sent to do. Faith silences the doubt that wants to try to fill our thoughts. The way to develop our faith is to declare with our mouths what God says, while aligning our heart with His Word. There is real power in declaring what God says in prayer. I encourage you to start praying and proclaiming this verse from Isaiah 55:11.

To be even more practical, what promises has God made for your life and your family? Take a moment in His presence and allow the Holy Spirit to remind you of the promises that are there for you. This is the time to rise up in the faith, to separate yourself from all cynicism, past disappointments and unbelief. Because ALL the promises of God are YES in Christ, He has fulfilled everything (cf. 2 Corinthians 1:20). It's up to us to say “AMEN”, so be it. For this, we need to repent of everything that has kept us from believing, that is, asking for forgiveness and renouncing unbelief. Once that is done, begin to confess His promises, declare His Word, and thus allow your faith to be established. For faith comes from what is heard (what your ears hear of the words that come out of your mouth) and from the Word of God (the promises of God) as Paul says in Romans 10:17.

In verse 12, Isaiah says “yes, you will go out in joy and you will be led in peace.”. It is God's will for us, that our hearts remain in peace and joy. This does not exclude trials and difficulties ... However knowing that God always fulfills His Word, whatever we have to go through and wait, allows us to remain in joy and peace ... God has not forgotten you (e ), nor the promises He made for you, so stand up in faith and wait on Him ...

God has blessed you richly so that you bless abundantly ...


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