I love ... I give!

Your donations allow the church to fulfill the vision that God has for her ...
We thank you for your generosity.


66% of your donation for the church is deductible
within the limit of 20% of your taxable income in France.
A donation of 150 € after deduction only costs you 51 €.


Use the links below depending on the site you want to donate to.




You can also support the church with a regular or one-off bank transfer:


IBAN FR76 1680 7000 4436 4945 8021 323
Account name: Evangelical Church of Elim, 1 rue des Saules, 74100 Ambilly


IBAN: FR76 1680 7000 2031 5839 9419 531
Account name: E-Elim Evangelical Church, 14, route de Tully, 74200 Thonon

And also send your checks directly to the above address.


Your generosity is importante

The church does not benefit from any subsidy, so it is the donations that make it possible to cover expenses such as the salary of the pastors, the commitments to share the Good News of Christ to the greatest number, the expenses relating to the premises (rent, electricity, heating, etc.).
So every donation is important and we thank you for your generosity.


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