The team

Luc & Rachel Favre are the main leaders of the VIE church and leaders of the Ambilly site. Married in May 1997, they have two wonderful children, Bérénice and Benjamin. It was in June 2002 that they set up the Thonon site and in January 2013 that they took over the Ambilly site. Both are passionate about seeing people come into their destiny by becoming true disciples of Christ.

Andrew Newsome comes from England and is a pastor at the Ambilly site. He has a passion for the mission as well as for teaching.

Jonas Affo is PTrainee astor on the Ambilly site, he is responsible for young adults and church planting in Bonneville.

John & Claire Schaller are pastors at the Thonon site. They are both firmly established in social and professional life and have a deep love for people.

Alexis Jude is Ptrainee assistant on the Thonon site

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