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The Church is not a store where we go to get supplies, it is not either a service station where we go to refuel, nor a performance hall where we go to have fun. The Church is us, men, women, young people and children who have made Jesus their Lord and Savior. We are here for His kingdom to come and for His glory to be manifested ...

God has given us talents and gifts so that we can put them to His service, we want to be able to help you enter into His call and serve Him according to what He has put in your heart ...
Tell us your dream so we can help you live it!

You also have below some service ideas that you can get involved in.

singing, music, dancing, theater, etc.


Technique and works



Sharing the Gospel

and social actions




videos, sound system, etc.


Welcome, coffee, visits, etc.

there is room for your project ...

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