For 13-18 year olds

No Limits

In Christ there are no limits, everything is really possible for those who believe!
The vision of the No Limits meetings are evenings for young people and by young people that combine times of fun and faith.

“Some photos from the weekend that changed our hearts. So much love has been released, so much forgiven.
Heartfelt thanks to @bengirault for the blessing you have been to us. Words are not enough to express our gratitude. Thank you to God for His presence and His love.

Always keep in your heart what you have received this weekend.
We love you very much. ❤" 

Keeping your eyes on the good things so as not to be influenced by the bad.
The more we grow, the more we can see that the things that influence us are permanent in our environment.
It is important not to get carried away by this flow of information to which we have access these days and to know how to sort out what brings me closer to good and keeps me away from evil and what brings me closer to evil and keeps me away from the good.
The secret is that I don't change on my own but I let God take care of my change, what I have to do is follow him and focus on the good. So there will be no more room for evil.
We do not erase bad deeds, we replace them with good ones, especially since very often we can forget to consider what we have if we are too busy keeping our eyes fixed on what we have. wants but which is not necessarily good for us.
Today I choose to...
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