Ecouter, c’est obéir !

Listening is obeying!

God loves us and He wants to bless us. It is enough to read the first fourteen verses of this chapter 28 of Deuteronomy to discover His will for His people and that even before the coming of Christ. He is still the same, His will to bless us has not changed ...
Dieu vient à ta rencontre

God comes to meet you

When I was a child, while I was on vacation with my grandparents, I did something stupid… My reaction was to do my best to hide things and hide myself behind a mask of all is well… My big -mom knowing what happened happened ...
L’amour plus fort que le jugement

Love stronger than judgment

God is good and He is always good! This is not an easy phrase or statement. This is the truth, for goodness is part of the very nature of God. This implies that the goodness of God is not conditioned by our actions, our life of prayer, ...
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