Faith is simple, and God uses examples from everyday life for us and from nature to reveal the truths of the Kingdom of God to us. What Paul is saying here seems so obvious, it is the measure of what we plant in the ground that we can harvest. Because if we cannot control the result of the harvest, namely how much each seed planted will bear fruit, we can control the fact of knowing how to plant. For it is always God who makes it grow and He will do it as we plant.

When a farmer does his harvest, he will divide the result into different parts, one which is the seed for the following year, one for his personal consumption and one for sale or to give away. Because it is God who made it grow, the seed comes from Him. It is likely that you are not a farmer, however you are called to be a farmer, because this principle of the Kingdom of God concerns all areas of our lives… The first question to ask yourself is what are the seeds that God has given you?

Jesus created you, which means that your life is a seed, everything you have and what you receive comes from God and is also a seed. Don't eat our seeds, which means don't live for ourselves, don't use everything we have for our own life. Let us have this same wisdom as the farmer, namely, to invest a part to sow in the Kingdom of God, a part for ourselves and a part to give to others… How are you going to live this?

In the text here, Paul talks about money… And what is interesting with the farmer is that even if he has a small harvest, if he devotes everything for his personal consumption and sharing because he has little , well the following year he will have nothing to plant so no more harvest. The question is never how much we have, but our ability to know how to sow, because without seed there is no harvest. So if we come back to finance, because it is an excellent example. The question of knowing how much of your finances are invested as seeds?

Someone once said if today I have a need do not just pray, but plant a seed ... While remembering that it is to the extent that you sow that you will reap and that one must give in order to be able to receive (cf. Luke 6:38). A small parenthesis, when we give our tithe to the church (cf. Malachi 3: 10f). It is not a seed, for it is simply a matter of giving back to God what is His and recognizing our dependence on Him. The seed is our offerings ...

The last important thing is knowing where and how to sow… This is where our intimacy with God is important. He is the One who makes us grow and He desires to lead us, to speak to us and to inspire us on the grounds of His Kingdom where we are called to sow ... So take a moment to discuss with the Holy Spirit, let Him show you the seed that 'He gave you and how to plant it. Let us become generous people, so that His Kingdom advances and lives are transformed.

God has blessed you richly so that you bless abundantly ...


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