It is amazing to see the increase in items offered for sale on online sales sites in the days following Christmas. It seems that many people have not appreciated what they have received as a gift and want to get rid of it… There is a form of ingratitude there, not knowing how to be grateful for what has been received. And that is sometimes the attitude we have towards what God gives us and does for us….

Sometimes we get so focused on an answered prayer that hasn't happened yet that we forget all the other things about it. Where we fail to see the value and importance of what God has done for us. Or that we allow the disappointments and trials of life to prevent us from recognizing the goodness of God in our favor, etc. If we are not careful, we quickly become ungrateful….

This is why the words of this Psalm are so important. We are called to celebrate God, which implies knowing how to turn our eyes towards Him to sing in His honor. The fact of recognizing that He is God, that He is Almighty, the Creator of all things will automatically decenter us from our small person to center us on the only One who is worthy of praise and glory. We do not celebrate God because we want to, but because He is worthy of it, He is God. We are therefore invited to know how to make praise a way of life.

It is also about knowing how to shake the dust off our feet (cf. Matthew 10:14) which amounts to getting rid of all disappointments, all that is negative, all rejection, etc… All these things that come to nourish our ingratitude and clouding our revelation of who God is and of His love and goodness… It is up to us to do this, to become aware of these things so that we can separate ourselves from them by surrendering them before God and confessing who He is. is: The faithful and good God, the Almighty.

Finally, the Psalmist invites us to reflect on all His wonders…. Stop so wait a minute, take a paper and a pen or your phone and start writing down all that God has done for you lately. Things as simple as the fact that you were able to wake up alive this morning, that you had something to eat, etc. Gratitude is an attitude that develops and begins with the knowledge that nothing is taken for granted. , but that everything is only the fruit of the grace and love of God. What would your life be like if every night you took a moment to reflect on all the wonders God has done for you in your day?

It is much nicer to be a grateful person rather than an ungrateful person, for you, but also for the world around you… So start now, stop for a moment and celebrate God, consider 10 things He has done for you in the past 24 hours and thank Him… Continue like this every day and your life will change!

God has blessed you richly so that you bless abundantly ...


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