To have peace and what is good is something we all desire. It is the aspiration of the heart of every human being and it is normal, because it is for this that we were created… It is the desire and the plan of God to bless and fulfill us. However, too often we do not live up to what burns in our heart and that of the Lord. And yet it is simple - because with God it is always simple, which does not mean easy - it is enough to agree with God…

The word “bestow” used here implies a dimension of harmony and knowing intimately. Being in harmony requires knowing how to get in tune, to recognize what refers to align with it. In our case, we must recognize that our Lord is the reference and that we must come into agreement with Him. And it is not something intellectual, it is our heart that decides to agree with God, to adopt His vision, His plans, His will, etc. Too often we desire to live God's blessing on our terms when we have to accept His terms and submit to His will. It's simple, what's stopping you from doing it?

This is where the definition of “knowing intimately” takes on its importance. Because the Gospel is a question of relationship, our relationship with God and with others (cf. Matthew 22.37-39). Aligning with God is possible as we develop our intimate relationship with God through the person of the Holy Spirit. This enables us to discover the love of God the Father for us and the power of Christ. It is in the secrecy of this relationship with God that we understand who we really are and the unique plans God has for us. It becomes easy to give up our plans to agree with Him.

When it is spoken here of peace, it has nothing to do with the emotions, it is a state of fullness which touches our whole being. It is the presence of God that fills us, to such an extent that we no longer seek to receive anything. Our life overflows and becomes a source of life and blessings for those around us. And when it is spoken of “what is good will come back to you”, literally it is about being “achieved” by prosperity. God gives us all we have, and more, so that we can give and share around us. He planned to make you, me, sources of blessing for our world.

It's up to us to simply tune in with God, not to get something, but to be with Him. It's up to us to stop seeking His hand in order to pursue His heart to abide there. Take a moment now, where in your life you need to get along with God, what needs to be aligned with Him? Speak with God, take a stand and remember that it's not just once, but getting along with God is a real way of life!

God has blessed you richly so that you bless abundantly ...


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