There is so much more to each of our lives and we are called to learn and grow until our last breath on this earth. If we are not vigilant, we could easily get stuck on what we have learned by contenting ourselves with living on these bases ... Because growing up requires effort, it forces us to get out of our comfort zone and forces us to know how to unlearn. One of the foundations of learning is knowing how to unlearn what we already know or think we know. It all starts with a decision to want to grow and develop by expanding the space of our tent (cf. Isa 54: 2). God has more for you, do you want to live it?

It all begins with repentance, which is a whole reversal of being. It is about recognizing our need for change in order to change our way of seeing and living. This is what John the Baptist says in the above verse to his listeners. These latter are based on their achievements, first of all their identity as descendant of Abraham and therefore heir to the promise (cf. Genesis 22: 17-18), but also on their knowledge of the Word of God. However, they had to radically change to experience the reality of the Kingdom of God. Likewise, we cannot remain on what we know, on our identity as Christians, we need His revelation and to know Him always better (cf. Philippians 3:10). Repentance, profound change is always the result of the revelation of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

Are you aware that what takes you to where you are today will not be able to get you where you need to be tomorrow? You need a fresh revelation from the Holy Spirit, a release of His abilities and His presence. So don't get “stuck” in what you think you have in order to go further. It is about a change of way of thinking and of seeing in depth which will naturally generate a transformation in our way of living and our actions. This is what John the Baptist calls here the fruits worthy of repentance, it is a new way of living and acting.

The call of John the Baptist remains the same for us today, for we are called to write His History… Some of his listeners chose repentance and became disciples of Christ. Not only have their lives changed, but they have literally turned the world upside down (cf. Acts 17: 6). It all started with a decision to give up what they had learned to accept a radical change of life. They had to unlearn their ways of life in order to learn to depend on the presence of Christ and then the Holy Spirit. In the same way we are called to be radical to allow the Holy Spirit to transform us in depth ...

This repentance is a lifelong process, a transformation by His presence in order to make us His partners to accomplish His will. The world is waiting for us, so let us always make sure that we never stand behind our achievements, but seek His presence in order to grow… What do you have to give up today?

God has blessed you richly so that you bless abundantly ...


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